Use GeoX’s high-resolution 3D Vector data for Buildings, Roads, bridges, trees & Greenery, Water bodies in conjunction with other layers to:

  • Prepare for wildfires, floods, and other climate events
  • Predict your area exposure and increase your resilience to future climate-related disasters
  • Identify Urban Growth Areas and predict where and when additional services will be needed.
  • Help First responders by Mapping station locations, coverage areas, protected assets, and utilities and identify best routes for the first responders.
  • Map and analyze different hazard data types to prepare for an incident
  • Map and analyze historic incident and response data to map response activity, measure performance, and risk factors, and assess program development.
  • Plan Time-based evacuation models.
  • Identify potential flooding zones based on terrain elevation (DTM)
  • Identify fire risks based on the location, height of trees and their proximity to building to plan the Evacuation models.


  • Identify high-volume road traffic and restricted intersections and where traffic should be managed by traffic control.