GEOX Patented AI leverages Aerial Imagery to extract rich, accurate, 3D property data.

For P&C Insurance

A single reliable data source for agents to onboard new customers. Accurate underwriting.
Realistic assessment of damage and risk.
Faster claims process.
Immediate quote and bind for on-line sales.

For Real Estate and Solar Energy

Identifying business opportunities.
Producing price quotes without traveling to the site.
Validating property data and roof condition.

GeoX Property gives you an Edge!

Instant access to property imagery and dozens of attributes for any address in the US, UK & Australia. Identify leads with higher conversion probability.
Know the property details before a customer dialogue.

The X-Team

5 out of 10 are veterans of the IDF’s special intelligence units

Izik Lavy

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Izik oversees the operations of GEOX. He is a veteran of the IDF’s intelligence unit 9900, where he gained a world-class experience leading the AI team to develop solutions in the geospatial field of Military Intelligence. Izik identified the lack of automation in objects’ extraction from aerial imagery and developed patented algorithms to solve this challenge.
GEOX is Izik's second business endeavor.

Guy Attar

Co-founder, Chief Business Officer, Chairman

Guy oversees the Sales, Marketing and Business relationships with partners and customers. Held several senior positions in the high-tech industry. Guy has a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering, computer engineering, from the Technion.

Eli Lavi

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Managing our Research & Development team. Eli is a Big Data Software Engineer with 20 years in software development roles. Eli was a senior Data architect in Nokia Innovation center and In Argus Cyber Security. Expert in cloud computing, machine learning and computer vision. Has a B.Sc in Information systems from Champlain College.

Oren Sheffer

Head of Artificial Intelligence

An AI, data management and deep learning expert. Served as a technical product manager in multiple projects in the technology unit 81 of the IDF intelligence (AMAN). BSc in Computer Science, MSc researching the fields of Big Data management, machine learning and AI from Tel Aviv University. Previously software engineer in Mellanox.

Jonathan Agassi

Head of Production

Jonathan (Jonny) leads our production team. Jonny's experiance as an operational leader in the IDF brought him to be our bast choice for leading our production team. Jonny has a degree in Government Diplomacy and Strategy Leadership from IDC.

Ella Shaul


Ella is an experienced data analyst and data manager.
She is certified as Aerial imagery analyst and QA/QC inspector. Ella have a lot of experiance in managing aerial imagery analysis projects from the IDF.

Lior Shabtay

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Lior is a Data Science expert. he holds a PhD in Compuer Science from the Technion Institure of Technology in Israel. Lior wrote 30 patents and scientific publications. Lior's role is to take our AI technology to the best performance in the market.

Yosef Barda

GIS and CV developer

Yosef is our GIS and Computer vision developer. He is the master of 2D and 3D geospatial data processing.
Yosef is a Python developer and a GIS DB manager with experience form the IDF technological intelligence 9900 unit.

Zohar Schneider

Software developer

Zohar is developing the GeoX database production process.
Zohar is a Python developer and Geographic Information Systems Analyst with experience form the IDF technological intelligence units. Zohar is experienced in Creation of GIS based software, SQL and NoSQL databases.

Dr. Upendra Belhe

Board Advisor

Dr. Upendra Belhe leverages his 25+ years of experience in data and advanced analytics to advise businesses on how to drive business outcomes through data driven insights. He recently served as Global Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Gen Re, a Berkshire Hathaway company. Upendra joined Gen Re from Chubb Insurance, where he led the Global Strategic Analytics agenda.

Christopher J. O'Connor

Director of Business Development, North America

Chris O'Connor is a Property & Casualty Insurance Executive and is an expert in predictive modeling, data quality assurance, insurance risk portfolio optimization and alternative risk transfer strategies. He recently served as Vice President & Director, Global Exposure Management at Liberty Mutual. Previously, Chris held senior management positions in RSUI Group and in CNA Insurance.


GEOX wins DIAmond Award

GEOX proudly participated in the DIA Prime Time virtual conference and presented its solutions as part of the line of thought leaders. An incredible number of participants, who in total represented 64 countries from all Read more…

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